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How do I reorder or remove questions from my assessment?


You can reorder or unselect questions from assessment during the assessment authoring or the edit process. Reordering or removing the questions is typically done in the "Review" step, when you have completed authoring or selecting the questions for the assessment. 

To reorder or remove questions, click on the "Review" button shown below:


  1. To reorder a question you simply select the question using the selector shown below. To reorder simply drag and drop to the desired location.
  2. To unselect a question, simply click on the red "X" button shown below. Please note, you cannot undo the "unselect" of the question. Unselect only removes the question from the assessment. It does not delete the question.

You can reorder, unselect or add more questions to any assessment authored by you or shared with you.

Please note that the resequencing option is not available if your assessment contains a passage based question. If you intend to include a passage based question, please ensure you place it in its desired position from the very get go as you will not be able to move it to another position after the fact.

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    Beckie Higgins-Arey

    1 - Help images are not legible. They are hard to read - very small.

    2 - The image that attempts to show how to reorder questions is inaccurate or based on an old style. NOWHERE on my screen...beside my questions do I see the slim grayed boxed does to grab and reorder questions. I spent a whole hour trying to resolve this. Should be a simple thing to do.

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    Kimberly Mancuso

    What did you end up doing?

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