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How do I reorder or remove questions from my assessment?



You can reorder or unselect questions from an assessment during the assessment authoring or the edit process. Reordering or removing the questions is typically done in the "Review" step, when you have completed authoring or selecting the questions for the assessment.


To reorder or remove questions, click on the "Review" button shown below:Reorder_or_Remove.jpg


There are two ways by which you can reorder questions.

The first is the drag and drop method. Simply grab the question that you want to reorder and drag it to the desired location.


The second method is to select the question, click Reorder Selected at the top, and then enter a new location.


To remove questions, select the question and click Remove Selected at the top.



You can reorder, unselect or add more questions to any assessment authored by you or shared with you.

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    Beckie Higgins-arey

    1 - Help images are not legible. They are hard to read - very small.

    2 - The image that attempts to show how to reorder questions is inaccurate or based on an old style. NOWHERE on my screen...beside my questions do I see the slim grayed boxed does to grab and reorder questions. I spent a whole hour trying to resolve this. Should be a simple thing to do.

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    Kimberly Mancuso

    What did you end up doing?

  • Avatar
    Krystal Gooding

    I do not have the Blue 'Review' button when I am in Edit mode.

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