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I need to upload an image to a question or answer. How can I do that?


To add an image to either the text of the question or the answer choices, you can use the text editor. 

Place the cursor at the desired position on the question text field and click on ''Insert Image'' in the text editor box. You'll then be prompted to upload the image by selecting it from the folder where it's saved on your computer.




The ''image'' is inserted at the position where your cursor was placed. This can be moved as needed.

To ''Resize'' the image click on the image, expand (outward) or compress (inward)  the dotted lines to adjust the size as needed.


Repeat the above steps to insert another image in the question or answer choices.

** For the following Question types, the image can be inserted into the answer choices by directly clicking on the Insert Image icon in the answer choice box. 

  • Classification
  • Drag and drop
  • Match the following
  • Matching Tables
  • Number Line
  • Resequence



Upload Requirements 

  1. Format: GIF, JPG, TIF, PNG
  2. File Size: 2MB or less 


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