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How can I pause an assignment?



Teachers have the ability to pause an assignment, so that at any given time they can prevent students from attempting the assignment. For instance, one scenario would be if teachers wanted to have students work on an assessment only during the class period and not at home.

Note: Teachers are only able to pause an assignment that has a status of "In Progress"

You can pause from two places:

(1) From the Live Class Board, click on "Pause” in the top right corner. 


(2) Click on Assessments, click on the assessment, put a check in the box for the class period, and click Pause.


(3) A pop up dialogue box appears as shown below. Teachers need to enter the word Pause in the box and then click on Yes, Pause to confirm this step.

(4) Once paused, the status changes to  “In Progress (Paused)” back in the Assessments View.



(4) When you are ready to have students resume work on the assignment, click on the "Open button. 


(5) This makes the assignment available to students once again.

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