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How to navigate the Edulatic app after logging in


You’ll be taken to your dashboard after you sign in. The dashboard contains a quick glance summary of all your class sections and the current assignments.  Teacher can add new classes by selecting the +Manage Class button on the right side of the dashboard or by selecting the Manage Class icon on the left side of the navigation bar.   



The Dashboard is an area where changes were made for the 2018-19 school year.

In previous iterations, the dashboard was static. Now, however, the dashboard offers a series of short cuts from the moment you log-in.

You can quickly access the live class board.




You can see all of the assessments given to a particular class.



You can manage your classes.Dashboard_2.jpg


Here is a closer look at the information contained on a class section card:

Each class section card shows: 

  1. The name of your class section
  2. The grade level and subject area
  3. The number of students enrolled in the class roster
  4. The total number of assignments that have been created, further broken down into:

                    # of assignments with a In Progress status

                    # of assignments with a Awaiting Grades status

                    # of assignments with a Graded status

  1.    The name of the most recent assignment and it’s status.


There is also a navigation panel on the left hand side that will take you to following areas: 


Dashboard- Provides a quick glance summary of all your class sections.

Assessments- A list of all the assessments or assignments you have given to students. It is starting off point for most of the actions involving assigning, tracking data and modifying new or existing assessments. 

Question Bank- A repository of pre-built questions that are available to users creating assessments.  Questions in the question bank come from publicly shared pre-built assessments.  

Assessment Library- The place that houses all pre-built assessments that have been shared by the Edulastic community as well as the master copy of any assessments you have created yourself.

Reports- Provides you with reports that show student performance.  The unpaid version has one report, the Premium version includes 4 report categories with sub-reports.

Manage Class- Gives you a summary of your class roster and provides some additional functions (add/delete students, change passwords, etc) If you are a Google classroom user, this is where you go to periodically sync with Edulastic to maintain the most current rosters.



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