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How do I add classes to Edulastic?


Managing your class is simple with Edulastic. In this walkthrough, you'll visit the Manage Class tab to learn about the different ways you can create a class and edit class details (name, subject, standards, etc.)

Teachers can create one or more classes in Edulastic.

Step 1: Navigate to Manage Class


To create a class simply click on +Manage Class in the top right. 

Step 2: Click on "Create Class". You can find this button in the upper right corner of the page.


Step 3: Create your new class

Type the desired class name in the field and then select your grade, subject and standards alignment from the drop down menus. The course field will automatically populate (a combo of grade+subject+standard). Then click on the “Save Class” button.





** Edulastic does not allow a class section to contain multiple subjects. Only one subject may be associated with a class section. 

** We recommend that users not select "Other" for their Subject. If you teach multiple subjects, please create a different class section for each of those subjects. This will help keep your standards report separate and orderly. 



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