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How can teachers enroll students in classes?


Click on Manage Class under Menu

A list of all your current classes will appear below My Classes. The default view is your Active Classes. Using the drop down menu in the upper right will also allow you to filter for Archived Classes.


Click into the class that you are looking to manage:




  • If you have multiple students that you’d like to add at once, click on the Add Multiple Students button.


You will then be able to add students with their Google/Office 365 usernames, or their first name and last name by adding that information on a separate line.



Please note that if you opt for the first name/last name option, the class code will be their default password.

  • You can also sync with Google Classroom so that your most recent roster gets populated in Edulastic.




  • You can also create individual student accounts by clicking on the + icon.


This will bring up a form where you can enter the student’s username, name of student and his/her password.

  • You can reset a password for a selected student and remove selected students as well under the Action dropdown




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    Sara Good

    I created classes by syncing to Classroom, however many students do not see my course and joining using the class code still does not work. I am trying to add students manually, but my screens do not look like this. There is no Add Multiple Students. Help!

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