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Create and adding student accounts



  1. Go to the Manage Class tab in your account
  2. You have four options for adding students to your class roster:
  • Option #1. Share the Class Code; students will be asked for this code when creating an account at
  • Option #2. Populate your entire roster at once by uploading a CSV file.
  • Option #3: Sync with Google Classroom or Canvas (based on the district’s preference)
  • Option #4: Under the More button, you can click on Add Student to add students to the class individually.
  • You’ll need to provide an username, the student’s name and then a password.




How to Upload a CSV File


  1. Click on the Upload Class Roster button to upload a CSV spreadsheet:





  1. First, download the template to your computer by clicking "Download class roster template".




  1. Open up the Student Roster Sample spreadsheet and fill out all four columns.


Save it to your computer.

  1. Once you fill out all columns, click on the 'Upload Class Roster" link, find the spreadsheet that you saved and then upload it.
  1. Your students will now populate into your class section.


How to Import Students by Syncing with Google Classroom

  1. If you are a Google Classroom user, simply click on the Sync with Google Classroom link.
  1. You will be prompted to enter the class code from your Google Classroom. After entering, Click on Sync.
  2. Once your class code is validated, Edulastic will start the sync process
  3. Confirm Sync by checking if students are populating under Current Students

  4. In the future, if students come in and out of the class, please sync regularly with Google Classroom. This ensures that the most current and updated class rosters are maintained.

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