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Finding an Edulastic Assessment in the Assessment Library

  1. On the menu, click on Assessment Library.



  1. Using the filters on the top, you can find an assessment by specific grade level and subject area.
  2. You may opt to do a keyword search in the keyword field box if you know the name, tag or standard you are looking for.  
  3. Under Collection, choose one of the appropriate libraries:
  • Private Library: These assessments are not visible to others. They reside solely in your teacher account.
  • Public Library: These assessments have been shared by teachers within the Edulastic community and are available to ANYONE using Edulastic. The public sharing level will bring up the greatest number of assessments for you to peruse and potentially use.
  • District Library: These assessments have only been made available to users inside your district.
  • School Library: These assessments have only been made available to users inside your specific school site.
  1. Under Standard, choose the standard that you are looking for. Remember that all questions and assessments in Edulastic are tied to either Common Core or state specific standards.
  2. All applicable assessments that meet the requirements that you’ve set in the filters on the left will then populate on the right hand side.
  3. Hovering over the card will allow you to either Preview the questions that are contained in the assessment or Assign the assessment to your students.


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