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Create assessments from the item bank


There are two ways to create assessments using the existing banks of questions.

The first allows you to make use of complete assessments. Select the Library tab on then left and set your filters. 



Now select your assessment.


You can preview the assessment.


You can assign the assessment.


If you decide that the assessment isn’t exactly as you want it, you can duplicate it and make any desired changes. Here in an article that discusses how to delete and/or reorder questions within an assessment.



The other way to make use of the Edulastic item bank is to select from individual questions. Select the Question Bank tab from the left and then set your filters.




You can preview questions before you add them to your assessment. You can also remove any questions that you have added (you will also be able to do this at a later point.)Create_from_Item_Bank_9.jpg

Click review. Create_from_Item_Bank_10.jpgYou are now ready to reorder your questions, remove any unwanted questions, and then publish or assign your assessment.Create_from_Item_Bank_11.jpg

Here is an article on reordering and deleting questions.

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