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Author a passage based question


Any reading (informational or instructional text) can be added to a passage based question accompanied by questions.

To create a passage based question, follow these steps:

1. Select Passage Based on the Author Question window under ELA Tech Enhanced Tab.


2. Add instructions, passage title and enter the passage text. You can also add images, links, video and audio. Multiple passages can be added by clicking on “+”  icon to add tabs, (max supported is +4 tabs). Click on “Save” to save the passage.

3. You have 2 options to associate questions to the passage:

  • “Author questions for this passage” - allows to author questions from the various questions types available from scratch.
  • “Select an existing question” - allows to add questions from the pool of existing questions.

4. Click on Author questions for the passage >> choose the tab from  Author question window and select the question type of interest >> Enter the questions and keys>> Associate standards>> Save. "OR" Click on Select an existing question >> Check to select the questions >> Back to passage

*Repeat the above steps to add more questions to the passage from the above options.

5. You can also re-sequence the questions within the passage by selecting the questions using selector and dropping it at the desired position. The question added to the passage can be removed by clicking on the cross mark.

6. On completion >> Click on Review Assessment >> “Save to draft”   OR “ Publish or Assign”

7. You can add another passage question  or normal question to the same assessment by clicking  on       “+ Add Question”

*You may click on “View as Student” to preview the question from student’s perspective.

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