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Assignment Options


Hover over the name of the assessment titled and click Assign



1. On the left side, you can edit the name of the assessment by clicking on the Pencil icon

2. You can choose to customize the assessment by uploading an image that’s been saved on your computer

3. You can write in a description and create some keyword tags for the assessment.(Both are optional)

4. On the right side, choose the classes and students who you wish to assign the assessment to.

5. By default, the assignment is available for students to start on immediately

6. The assessment close refers to the date/time when students must finish the assignment by.

7. Release of grades can be done either upon assignment submission or explicitly by teacher. Please note the following:

Grades will automatically be released to students when grading policy is set to be "On Assignment Submission". Students can view their scores and answers immediately after completing the assignment.

If the assignment grading policy is set to be "Explicitly by Teacher", Edulastic will withhold the results until the teacher releases the grades under Assignments. You must manually release the grades by clicking on "Release Grades" button on the assignment. This can be useful if you are teaching several class periods and do not wish students in the morning class to share answers with someone in an afternoon class.

9. You can set the mastery criteria for the assessment by clicking on the + button to the right. The drop down menu allows you to pick from three choices:

  • Decaying Average
  • Questions with Percent Threshold
  • Questions with Point Threshold

10. Once all the fields are filled out, click on the Assign button in the upper right. You’ll then be presented with a screen that confirms the assignment has been assigned.

11. You can now choose to sync the assignment with Google Classroom by clicking on the Google classroom button. This will then create a link in Google classroom from which students will be able to click on and be taken directly into the Edulastic assignment without having to sign on separately. 


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