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Assignment Options


Here are the various assignment options available to you when you are ready to assign an assessment:




  1. On the left side, you can choose to customize the image associated with your assessment by uploading an image that’s been saved on your computer
  2. You can edit the name of the assessment by clicking on the Pencil icon.
  3. You will then select the Start Date and Due Date for the assignment.  Clicking into the box will bring up a calendar and allow you to choose a date and time. By default, the assignment is available for students to start immediately but you can also opt to open it manually in class. The same goes for the due date.
  4. Next, Assign Settings asks you who to assign the assessment to. By default, the entire class of students is selected. Alternatively, you can choose to assign to individual students by clicking into the drop down menu and selecting students.
  5. If you want to assign the same assignment to other classes, find them by filtering under the Grade and Subject drop downs.
  6. The Release Scores option allows you to determine when students can see their scores and the feedback that you’ve left for them. Select On for students to see their scores instantly after submission. Select Off to manually control when students get to see their scores.
  7. Once all the fields are filled out, click on the Assign button in the upper right. You’ll then be presented with a screen that confirms the assignment has been assigned.


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  • Avatar
    Stephen Flynn

    Is there a way to release grades, but NOT allow students to see the correct answer?

  • Avatar
    Aditya Agarkar

    Hi Stephen

    Yes this is possible in the district or school enterprise edition. Toggle "Release Scores" to "On" and "Show Questions to Students on Submit" to "Off".

    Hope this helps.

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