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Introduction to assessment status


If you go into the Assessments tab and click on an assessment, you can get a quick glance summary.


From this view, you can see:

The status of the assignment, who created the assignment, and date window of the assignment. There are 4 assignment statuses. They are:

  1. Not Open - When assessment is not open, it is not available for students to work. Its planned for future classroom use. Either the administrator or the class teacher needs to Open the assignment before students can work on it. 
  2. In Progress - When assignment is Open, its available for students to work. Assignment is also "In Progress" state when an absent student is redirected even though due date may have passed.
  3. In Grading - This status indicates that teacher needs to finalize student scores. In Grading status indicates that ALL students in a class have submitted their work OR due date has passed. However even after due date has passed, its possible to ask a student (esp. when student is absent) to redo the work using "Redirect" feature. If Redirect is used, the status can transition to In Progress from In Grading.  
  4. Done - If automatic done is enabled, assessment status will move to Done status automatically when ALL students are graded AND due date is over. If all questions are auto-graded i.e. there are no open response questions in the assessment that requires manual grading, students response will be auto graded as soon as they submit. 

You can also see how many students have been assigned, how many have submitted and how many have been graded. 

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