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How Do I Print Assessments in Edulastic?


You have three unique options for printing assignments in the Edulastic app. 

  1. Printing a hardcopy of an assessment or save as PDF
  2. Individual student assessment with answers and scores
  3. $ Student Report Card

The first print option allows you to make a hardcopy of any assignment, with the assessment questions unanswered, so your students can answer the assessments on paper outside of the app. This option is available immediately after giving your students the assignment. This serves as a great solution if you’d like to work or grade offline—or you’re experiencing any internet connectivity issues.

1. Navigate to Assessments, find the assignment of interest, and click the blue "..." (here you'll see "Print" on the dropdown menu).

2. Clicking print brings up a printer-friendly version of the assignment directly in your browser. *Please note that you'll need to go to File > Print... in your browser and then select your printer to finish the print process.


Optional: You can also print an assessment to PDF if you want to save it to your computer for future paper use.

Mac Devices:

Chrome Browser: *Please note: The following video is not an Edulastic video. Turn off the sound before clicking the link mute the music in the video.

In the second print option, you can print out each student's finished assignment with each of their assessment answers visible.


For the third print option,

The Report Card generates a single, print-ready file that provides the student with a printed record of his/her performance.  This is a premium feature.

The Report Card can be accessed via the Live Class Board.  To get there:

1. Go to the Assessments tab, select My Assessments to get to the Live Class Board.

2. Next, click on the assessment title then "Responses" button next to the assignment for which you want to generate report cards.

On the Live Class Board, select Reports.





When the teacher selects Generate Report Card, a PDF file with all students information is generated. It looks something like this sample which includes the student name, course and date as well as the other data selected to show by the teacher.  




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