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How to Duplicate a Question (Including Passage-Based Item Type)


**The video below will show how to duplicate all the questions quickly. If you are looking for duplicating individual questions, please read below. This is how you will duplicate a passage-based item.**

The Edulastic app allows you to duplicate a pre-existing questions from an assessment and make your own modifications to that question. You can do this process for your own private content and content shared across the community.

1. Click on + Create New Assessment, and then either Create assessment from scratch or Choose from Assessment Library. Find the assessment you want to change--and select it to see the list of questions. 

Select Create New Version.  This will take you to the Review Screen.create_new_version.JPG


2. Next you can duplicate the question in two ways: select the Duplicate icon on the review screen to the right of the question. 



Or, click on the question and then click on the Duplicate button.

3. You will see a message that says the question has been duplicated.  Here you can modify any element of the question from the text, images, answers, add or remove standards, modify hint, solutions etc. 

Be sure to select "Save and Proceed" when you are finished modifying.


This will take you back to the Review screen and back to the list of questions in the assessment. You will see your duplicated/modified question at the bottom of the list.

4. Remove the original  You can get rid of the original question by checking the box and select "Remove Selected".   


Repeat this process for any questions you want to modify.  Select "Publish or Assign" when you are finished.




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