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How do I release assessment score and feedback to students?


Edulastic gives complete flexibility to teachers for when they want students to receive the feedback. Teachers can enable "Instant Feedback" i.e. assessment score is released to the student instantly on submission by toggling the "Release Scores" setting to "On".


If you do not want students to receive immediate feedback on submission, you can set the "Release Scores" setting to "OFF". When you are ready to release scores to students, you can toggle the "Release Score" button from OFF to ON. You can switch it back to OFF if you wish to withdraw the score and any feedback from the students.



If you want students to be able to see the correct answer (and anything that you wrote under SOLUTION), you can leave this Super Power toggled to ON. If not, toggle to OFF.


Note: You can still manually update any student's score at anytime AFTER they submit their assignment regardless of the score release option selected.

The teacher can also opt to give feedback on individual questions and/or Overall Feedback on the assignment.

  1. Feedback on individual questions

            2. Overall Feedback



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    Adam Loeffler

    Is there supposed to be a NOT in the answer after "will"?

    "By selecting show grades as 'No' will allow students to view their scores and answers immediately after completing the assignment."

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