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Create a Rubric - for scoring essays and written responses



Attaching a rubric to a question is a feature available in our PREMIUM version.

To create a rubric you have to begin with creation of an essay type question.

1. Create a New Assessment from your Assessments tab

2. Give your assessment a Name and then click on the Author New Question button at the top.

3. Choose “Essay Type” under Classic Question Types


4. Select the Checkbox next to “Grading Rubric”



5. Now you have to give a name and description to the rubric you are about to create. Click on the Save and Continue button.



6. You can now add criteria and ratings to you rubric by providing a name and description for each one. The criteria helps you to identify the parameter on which you want to grade the questions. Ratings represent the level of performance by the student in the concerned criteria. This Rating contains a name (like Satisfactory, Proficient, Basic) with points associated with each rating and basic description of the rating.




7. After you have created criteria and rating for the rubric, now click on Save to complete the rubric creation process

8. Complete the question creation and assessment creation

9. Assign the assessment

Important points to remember when creating a rubric

  1. Your rubric needs to have at least one criteria
  2. Each Criteria must contain at least two Ratings
  3. Total points for the question in which you are using a rubric is the summation of the maximum points for each criteria. Example:Your rubric contain two criteria “Grammar” and “Subject Knowledge”In grammar you have two rating “Satisfactory” (point 1) and “Unsatisfactory” (point 0) and In Subject Knowledge you have three rating Good (point 2), Basic (point 1) and Poor (Point 0), Then total points for the question will be 1(for Grammar)+2(For Subject knowledge) = 3 points
  4. You can edit the rubric till you have not saved the question, when you click “Save” for question, the rubric is stored and is not available to edit

If you want to share the rubric with teachers from your district, then:

  1. While authoring an essay type question, click on “Add/View Rubric”
  2. Search for your rubric with the rubric name
  3. In result for your search now you will see a Share Icon 
  4. Click on share and confirm “Yes” to share the rubric with your district
  5. To unshare a rubric, you can follow the above steps and click on the unshare icon 

* If you want to delete a rubric created by you, search for the rubric in Use Rubric option and then select the delete icon  .


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