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Edulastic 2020: Single Assessment Report: Overview for Admin & Teachers


No matter what learning objectives, targets, or standards you’re assessing—it’s not easy to track student performance. You will get more accomplished with real-time analytics on your side.

Single Assessment Report

The Single Assessment Report is available with teacher Premium or Enterprise subscriptions. This report gives a deep analysis of a single assessment. There are six views of data in this report that analyze the information by individuals, classes, schools and districts as well as by question, standard, domain and student.

You will find this report on the Skill Report tab in the left navigation bar.


“Done Status”

Before you start collecting data, assessments must be in DONE status for Assessment Level Reports. Scores are typically immediate, however, occasionally there is a short lag time (1 hour or so) before reports are fully populated.

The assessment for a class is marked as “Done” when:

  1. You have graded all students in the class who submitted the assessment
  2. You are not expecting any more students in the class to work on the assessment (i.e. the assessment is closed for students).  

*Teachers or admins (for common assessments) can mark an assessment as done.

Start By Filtering Data - Refine Results is your friend!!

Select the Reports tab. Then, choose Single Assessment Report.

Your first step to REFINE RESULTS so that you get just the data you want. This allows to drill down to a specific course, class, and assessment. District admin can also choose a specific school to look at.


You can now look at (Links Included): 


Assessment Summary -statistical overview of the assessment.  Teachers get a high level summary of data.  District and school admins can compare the data by school, teachers, classes (admin).
Peer Performance -Analysis across cohorts such as classes, schools, gender, race, etc.  Adjust results to show data based on proficiency band, percentages or raw scores. You may also compare by class.
Question Analysis - See student performance broken out by question (including the linked standards).
Response Frequency - See which were the most popular incorrect answers.
Performance by Standard - Are students moving towards mastery?
Performance by StudentIn this view, the leadership team can see students grouped into customizable performance bands by class or school. 


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