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How to create a free teacher account



Sign up

Teachers can sign up for free at:

Create a username by using your email address at school and provide a password of at least 4 characters in length.




First, you’ll search for the school that you teach at by entering either the school name or zip code. A list of schools that have been pre-loaded into our system will then populate in the drop down menu. Select the correct school and the name of the district will be shown below the school. if you are not affiliated with a school, please select the "I want to home school" option.


Click Proceed when you are ready to move on. 


Next, you’ll be asked to choose the subject and grade that you teach so that you can get relevant content as you explore Edulastic. If you teach more than one subject or grades, you only need to include one.  You will be able to create multiple classes of different subjects or grades at a later step.



Your teacher account is now set up and you can start creating classes!


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