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Navigating the Test Library


The following video will show Assessment Library options starting at 4:25.

The Test Library houses all pre-built assessments shared by your Edulastic community as well as the master copy of any assessments you have created yourself. You can search for assessments here.

Click the Test Library menu icon.


These can be searched by using the keyword search box at the upper left. Use the Search box to filter for particular test authors whose products you favor.



You can also filter Library subcategories, and filter using test attributes such as grade level and subject. Assessments aligned to standards, and those tagged by their authors will also respond to filtering. 



A word of caution: if you can’t find an assessment that you know should be there, you should check your filters. Limiting or clearing your filters altogether will normally solve this issue.

Clicking the All Collections filter will open your list of collections. Use these choices to limit your view od assessments to one or more collections. 


Assessments you have created and saved as a Draft will be found in the Test Library under Authored by me. Tests you have created and Published will also be in your Private Library, under Collections. 

You can set the Collection filter to District/School/Private Level. You will also be able to filter any Premium Item Banks to which your district subscribes from here.


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