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Assessment details card and previewing


When you search for an assessment, the cards that populate on the right side will contain the following information:




  1. The E in the upper left corner refers to a Edulastic Certified assessment. This is content that is either: (a) created by our content team (we have in house content developers that create ELA and Math specific content ,(b) comes from a reliable open educational resource (like Engage NY, PARCC, NJ Model Curriculum, etc), or (c) comes from an author we have worked with or vetted.
  2. All standards that have been associated with questions in this assessment will be shown in the small green boxes in the center of  the card.
  3. The creator of the assessment can be identified in the “Shared by” section in the bottom left corner.

Edulastic provides multiple options for previewing assessment questions. In preview, you can answer your questions to double-check their accuracy—and get a feel for the student's perspective.

  1. You can preview individual questions during the authoring phase by clicking "Save" and then "Preview Question".





  1. You can preview all of your questions in Assignments at once after you assign them.


*Here's what it looks like to preview the entire assignment at once:


  1. You can also preview assignments and assessments in the same manner in both Assessment Library and My Assessments.

Hovering over the card will allow you to Preview the questions that are contained in the assessment

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