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What kind of information does an assessment card give?


When you search for an assessment in the Test Library, the cards that populate on the right side contain the following information:


Hovering over the upper part of the card lights up three buttons, one to ASSIGN the assessment directly, another to PREVIEW the assessment, and a third button leading to MORE options, discussed below.


  1. The title of the assessment. 
  2. All standards associated with questions in this assessment.
  3. The Collection housing this content. It was (a) created by our content team (we have in house content developers that create ELA and Math specific content,  (b) comes from a reliable open educational resource such as Engage NY, PARCC, NJ Model Curriculum, etc, or (c) comes from an author we have worked with or vetted. These would be considered Edulastic Certified as in this example. Collections would also indicate your Private Library, premium content, etc.
  4. The number of items in the assessment.
  5. The owner of the assessment
  6. Whether it is in Draft or Published condition.
  7. The assessment ID.
  8. How many times the assessment has been shared.
  9. The number of "likes" for the assessment.

Clicking MORE while hovering over the top of the card renders a popup. Here you can view additional details, clone, preview or assign the assessment. There is also standards information by item, and filters associated with this assessment also provided.




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