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How to Create your Own Assessments from Scratch

  1. To create your own assessments from scratch, click on the Assignments tab and then Create New Assignment.
  2. Under Create an Assignment from Scratch, you’ll be prompted to enter an assignment name.
  3. Enter your desired title and then click Create.




  1. You can choose to create your own questions by clicking on the Author New Question button on top:



  1. This will bring up an array of question types for you to choose from.


In Edulastic, we have 6 classic question types:



22 math tech enhanced question types:



and 9 ELA tech enhanced question types:


Clicking on the question mark in the upper right corner of each question type card to launch a brief tutorial video that explains how to create each of these questions. Questions that you create using this method will then be added to your assessment. We also have a youtube channel that shows you how to create these question types:

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