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Author text entry question


A text entry question can have an answer key in the form of text and numeric.

To create text entry question: 

1. Select Text Entry on the Author Question window under Classic question Types tab. 

2. Enter the question in the question text field. You can also insert an image or embed multimedia content here.

3. Enter the correct answer in the text box and accept answer. You may click on “+” to add alternate         answers.

4. Uncheck on Ignore Case to make the response case sensitive. Check on Allow single letter mistake       to evaluate the response correct with single letter mistake. ‘’Allow student to use scratchpad’’ can be         checked for students to show their work.

5. Associate standards by clicking next to Selected Standards on the right.


 6. Here is a summary of all the functionality available to you when creating a multiple choice question:


You can also add more than one widget to the question. Click on “ Add Text Entry ”  in the text editor.

7. Once you are finished, click the Save button to save the question. 

***It is suggested not to use this question type for answer keys which are numerical or non- numerical expressions.

** You may add hint , tags, solution, edit points, select DOK, Difficulty from drop down for the question.

You may also preview the question from student's perspective  by clicking on “Preview  Question”


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