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Creating test versions, or clones



Creating a new version or clone of your assessment will create a copy of the same assessment and allow you to either add more question to the same assessment or clone to edit those questions. (You have to clone the question before you can edit it).

To create a new version of an assessment navigate to either the Test Library or Assignments tab and locate the assessment of interest. Select an assessment that you created or one shared from other users in the Edulastic community.

From the Test Library:


Click on the Assessment card and on the next screen, Click on “Create a new version”.



From the Assignments tab:

To the right of the listed assessment, click the Actions button, then select Duplicate.


The cloned assessment will have the same title as the original, except that the date and time will be added. You can edit the title at this time.

Using the tabs at the top, you may ADD ITEMS from the item bank or create items of your own 


Click the REVIEW tab:


On the REVIEW page you can change the item order (red box), delete items, or preview items (blue box). To clone the item, click the Preview icon (eyeball).


In the Preview popup, click the Clone icon shown below. If the item is from licensed Premium Content, there will be no clone icon.


**Cloned items will exist as separate from the original item. The original item must be deleted if the new item is to replace it in the assessment. 


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