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Grading and feedback


It's important to understand each element of the grading process in order to ensure your students' Mastery Reports are accurate—and your digital instruction is on track.  

Here's a quick breakdown of how to grade ANY assignment designated as 'Gradable' in the assign process.

Navigate to Assignments and find your "Grading in Progress" assignment of interest. To make things easier filter the status.


All questions types in Edulastic are auto graded by our system except for open ended constructed response type questions. (ie. essay questions). Those need to be manually graded by the teacher and are indicated in blue in the colored boxes. In the above example, Q #9 is an essay question so the teacher can either click on Q #9 in the bar chart to have all the student responses presented in a row. Or, you can click on Q #9 in each of the student’s cards to grade individually.

Review the student’s response and determine the number of points that should be given. In the lower right corner of the question, you’ll see an open box in the numerator and a total number of points possible in the denominator. Click into the empty box and enter the # of points you would like to award the student. Remember to click the Save button when you are doing awarding points.


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