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Opening and closing of assessments


There are 2 options to give access to an assignment for students:

1. Immediately : the students will have immediate access to the assignment the moment it is assigned by the teacher. This is the default setting for when assignments are opened.


2. Open manually: This option will allow teacher to assign the assignment ahead of time and open the assignment manually for students when they are ready to take it.

Select "Open Manually in Class" in the drop down to the right of the start date. 


Teachers have the option to pause an assessment at any point of time. This is handy if the teachers only want the students to work on an assignment during a specific window(ie. only in class and not at home)



You can open a paused assessment by then clicking on the Open button.





Again there are two option to close the submissions.

1. Due Date: allows you to set the due date and a specific time. The students will no longer have access to the assignment once this due date/time is reached.




2. Close Manually: This option will allow the teachers to stop access to the assignment at any point of time.

Select “Close Manually in Class” in the drop down to the right of the Due Date Field.




To close the assignment for students at any point of time, navigate to Assignments>> locate the assignment and click on Close under the More Options button. The students will no longer have access to the assignment.







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