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Redirecting assignments


Teachers can reassign or “redirect” a previous assignment to the entire class—or only to specific students (e.g. those who were absent on the test day) using the "redirect" feature. If students have taken the assessment before, "redirect" allows them to redo the assessment. When you redirect, the prior responses from students are preserved. If the students wish, they can change their responses.

Teachers can use the redirect feature on only those select students who have turned-in assignments or have been marked absent. Teachers are able to redirect an assignment any number of times. Redirect remains available even after the due date has passed. 

If you "redirect" the assignment to a student who submitted earlier, his/her prior work is saved and available for the student to rework when he/she attempts it again. 

  1. Select the "Assignments" tab from the Menu.
  2. Find the assessment in your list and click "Responses".


  1. To redirect the assignment to all the students in your class, place a checkmark in the box entitled "Student Responses" (Option #1) To redirect the assignment to specific students in your class, click on the checkbox next to their names. (Option #2) Next, click on  "Redirect" to initiate the process.

    4. On the next page, you'll see a checkbox next to the name of the student(s) you want to redirect the assessment to. At this point, you can select additional students if you wish.  Fill out the rest of the assign form(ie. assessment window) and then click "Redirect" in the upper right to finish.




The students would get the assignment back again when they sign-in. If the student has submitted earlier, his/her prior work will be available for them to rework when he/she attempts it again. 


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