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Search for existing Rubrics (and use them)


Have you previously used a rubric and want to use it again? Or, maybe a teacher in your building has already used a rubric and you want to use that one too.

You can use a rubric previously created by yourself or created and shared by any other instructor in your school district . To search and use rubric for a question: 

  1. Author New question and select Essay type
  2. Select the Checkbox next to “Grading Rubric”
  3. Select “Add/View Rubric”
  4. Type the name of rubric you want to search and click on search icon
  5. For each rubric which matches your search results, you have option to Use them directly by clicking on ‘Use Icon’   or you can even clone the rubric to edit and use with cone option  .

* If you select ‘Use’ rubric, you cannot edit the rubric. To edit a rubric before using them in a question you must select ‘Clone’

     6. Complete the question creation and assessment creation.

    7. Assign the assessment


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