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Multiple Assessment Report: Performance Over Time


This report gives you a graphical comparison of the average score (%) of students in each individual assessment, the information shown is average of the score(%) by students from all the classes to which you had assigned the assessment. 

  1. Compare average score(%) for each assessment and track progress of students over time
  2. Filter assessments and students based on grade, subject, classes, assessment type and date range
  3. Compare your class’s performance with that of school and district-wide performance
  4. Download CSV containing details from the table
  5. Select any assessment to drill down to class level performance analysis for that particular assessment


Administrators can view school, class, or student progress over time. 

First, choose the Multiple Assessment Report and select Performance Over Time.  


Don't forget to Refine Results. No one wants results that are unrefined!

In this report, you can choose multiple assessments. Right below Refine Results it says All Assessments. Choose your list of assessments there. 




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