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šŸ’² Show or Hide Detailed Reports


There is now a premium feature where you can allow/restrict studentsĀ from viewing the detailed response of an assignment, post submission. The detailed report allows students to review the responses question-wise as well as to read comments shared as feedback for each question by the teacher.

Teachers while assigning an assessment can choose whether or not to allow students view the detailed report. Please follow the steps below:

1. Select the assessment and click on Assign. (Refer how to assign assessments)

2. Go to Advance Options and click onĀ theĀ Ā icon to expand the menu.

3. Once the Advanced options are visible, you can find the "Show Detailed Report To Students" option in the list (as shown below). This option is by default, set to "Yes" meaning that students will be able to view the detailed reports. Once we set it to "No"Ā then they are not allowed to view the same and just a summary report is displayed.

When a student tries to review his assignment where:

1. Show Detailed Report as "Yes"

In this case, a studentĀ will be able to view his summary reportĀ as well as the detailed report. The detailed report is visible once the student clicks on bars or "Continue" option.

Detailed report shows question-wise feedback provided by teachers. It also shows the entered response as well as the correct answer.

2. Show Detailed Report as "No"

This only allows students to view the summary report of theĀ test taken. Please note that the graph bars aren't clickable and also, there is no "Continue" button displayed to go to the detailed report as shown in the snaps below.

*Ā This option "Show Detailed Report" will be shown for both Gradable and Non-Gradable assignments.

*Ā Teachers will be able to change the assignment policy via the ā€œUpdateā€Ā option on the assignment cardĀ from "My assignments" page anytime before closing it.

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    Stephen Flynn

    If you set show detailed report as "no" can the student still go back and look at their questions and answers? Even if the correct answer is not displayed?

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