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Using Express Grader


Express Grader is a unique feature available on Edulastic to help make the grading process easier, interactive and efficient for teachers. Below steps will help you navigate and use "Express Grader":

1. Go to My Assignments.

2. Click on "View Responses" button next to the assignment which you want to grade using "Express Grader".

3. Click on the "Express Grader" tab.

5. Now you will be able to see a grading table as below: 

6. This table shows data for all the students along with their responses for each question. Find the student using rows and the respective question number using columns and click on the response. This will open a pop-up window with the selected question displayed along with fields to enter scores or points for the student chosen.(snap below)

5. Please enter the feedback and click on "Save" just below it to save your comments. Same way you can update the scores and click on "Save" to get it stored accordingly.

This way you can easily grade an assessment for the entire class easily and view the reports on the same page.

Using Express Grader with "Show All Class Sections"

While using "Express Grader", you can find a check box saying "Show All Class sections". This option when selected displays all the classes where the same assessment has been assigned. A new column of Class code is included in the table. This can be used as the same way above to manually grade assessments for all the students where the same assignment was assigned even when they are not the part of the same class.

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    Stephen Flynn

    It would be helpful to see how the Express Grader works with manually graded items like essay response items.

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