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Using Express Grader


"We discovered a wrong answer on an assessment. How do we fix it?"

"I have student who can't take digital assessments."

"My students are too young and don't know how to use a keyboard."


For these three situations, and many others as well, we developed the Express Grader.  Express Grader is designed to help make the grading process easier to give comments, add and remove points, and provide a solution for teachers to capture mastery data for students who take paper based assessments. 

Here is how to navigate the Express Grader.

1. Go to Assessments tab, select the title of the assessments, and then click on the class, to get to the Live Class Board.

2. Next, be sure all of the students, or the one's you want to manually grade, have the assessment marked as submitted.  If they are not submitted, put a check mark next to students' names, then go to More and select Mark as Submitted.  (Note: If the student is marked absent, or the assessment is marked as done, you will not be able to mark as submitted.)




Give it a few minutes to refresh and the student cards will show Submitted status.  


3. Click on the "Express Grader" tab.


4. Now you will be able to see a grading table as below: 


5. This table shows data for all the students along with their responses for each question. Find the student using rows and the respective question number using columns and click on the response. This will open a pop-up window with the selected question displayed to see individual responses. 


6. Choose from three "modes" while in the Express Grader.  

  • View: shows all scores and allows teacher to click on each answer to see response. Teacher can enter comments on View.
  • Score Entry: allows teacher to add or change point value by click in the box of the question to be modified.
  • Response Entry: allows teacher to add student response for several classic question types like multiple choice, multiple selection, etc.

Students whose assessments have not been submitted will not show up on Express Grader.




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    Stephen Flynn

    It would be helpful to see how the Express Grader works with manually graded items like essay response items.

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