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Using Express Grader to Manually Enter Answers, Scores, & Comments



"I have a student who can't take digital assessments."

"My students are too young and don't know how to use a keyboard."

"I want to give students extra credit on a question."


Express Grader is a premium feature that is designed to help make the grading process easier. 

When using Express Grader, teachers can:

- Enter scores or answers

- Give comments

- Add and remove points

- Capture mastery data for students who take paper based assessments


To use Express Grader, first make sure the student's test is marked as "submitted".   You can do this on the Live Class Board.   Select the user(s), then select More and click Mark as Submitted.  Students whose assessments have not been submitted will not show up on Express Grader.



Now click on the Express Grader tab. It displays the Score Grid with the name of each student listed below.  

Choose if you want to enter scores or responses.  Please note, you can not enter responses for tech- enhanced questions.   Then, click on the question score or answer.



When you click on any question, a popup window appears. In order to manually enter the answers you'll want to click the Edit Response option to "On". This is located a the bottom of the screen.  Now you're ready to enter the student's response and/or score.  You can also add comments. Once you're done making an entry, click the green save button.



You can navigate through the questions by using the 'Prev Question' and 'Next Question' buttons at the bottom of the page or use your arrow keys on your keyboard. Once you're done entering all the scores that you wish to, click on Exit on the bottom right of the page. 





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