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Setting up Performance Bands


Please note *** These changes can only be made by a district admin account.

Performance bands are used to categorize a student's performance on a test. They are used for local and state assessments to indicate what a score (e.g., 27, 359, 68%, etc.) actually means (e.g, Proficient, Advanced, etc.).

Edulastic allows district admins to set performance bands so that students can be grouped based on performance. To know how to navigate to "Performance Bands" and configure it, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to "Manage District" option from the main menu.

2. Click on "Settings" tab displayed.


3. Clicking on "Settings" tab, you will find a screen as below:


Now, this is the performance band settings page where you can set performance bands as per your requirements. By default the performance bands are set as follows with the "Above or At Standard" selected for first two:

    • Proficient - From 100% - To 70%
    • Basic - From 70% - To 50%
    • Below Basic - From 50% - To 0%
    • The first 2 should have “Above Standard” checked.

4. DA's can edit the value of performance band range by clicking on the values under "To" column or using the + or - symbol as required. The value of the "From" column cannot be changed and is updated automatically based on the "To" value is entered.

DA's are also allowed to add and delete the performance bands. To add a new band, click on "Add Band". This will create a new performance band below the last band. The DA's must enter the "To" value which becomes editable for the previous last band as soon as the new band is added in order to proceed and click on "Save".

DA's are allowed to edit the performance band names by clicking on the icon. Also, you can delete the performance bands by choosing the "Delete" option.

Please note that 

  • The first Performance Band MUST have ‘From’ value as 100%
  • The last performance Band MUST have ‘To’ value as 0%
  • Minimum of 2 bands should be there.
  • DA's can enter percentages up to 2 decimal places.


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