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Setting up Performance Bands


NOTE: These changes can only be made by a District Admin (DA) account in Enterprise Districts.

Performance bands are used to categorize a student's performance on a test. They are used for local and state assessments to indicate what a score (e.g., 27, 359, 68%, etc.) actually means (e.g, Proficient, Advanced, etc.).

Edulastic allows district admins to set performance bands to group students based on performance. Follow the steps below to customize your district Performance Bands:

1. Go to "Manage District" option from the main menu.

2. Click on "Settings" tab.



3. Clicking on the Performance Bands tab, the default performance band will display. As shown by the blue arrow, from this view you may edit the current band displayed, clone the current band, or delete it.



Edit a new performance band

The following example shows the editing of a cloned performance band.

  • Orange arrow: edit the name of the cloned performance band
  • Blue arrow: edit the ranges of the bands by typing values or using the sliders
  • Yellow arrow: Add bands to this performance band
  • Red arrow: change the color of each band to display in assessments using it


Be sure to click SAVE after editing the performance band.

Please note that 

  • The first Performance Band MUST have ‘From’ value as 100%
  • The last performance Band MUST have ‘To’ value as 0%
  • Minimum of 2 bands should be there.
  • DA's can enter percentages up to 2 decimal places.

Select a Default Performance Band

On your Settings tab, select the sub-tab Test Settings. Choose the desired default performance band from the dropdown for each assessment category.



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