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Premium Reports Overview



The "Reports" option is used to view the reports for an assessment, a student, a class, school, or district.  While the basic, or free account, has only one kind of report known as "Mastery Report",  Enterprise or Premium teachers have access to four reports and admins have access to five.

1. Single Assessment Report

View deep analysis of a single assessment. Compare class level performance, view item analysis, diagnose difficult items and areas of misunderstanding.

2. Multiple Assessment Report

View assessments over time and analyze how your students have progressed since the beginning of the school year.

3. Standards Mastery Report

Analyze the mastery of domains and standards for classes and students and get in-depth student mastery profile report.

4. Student Profile Report

Get an in-depth analysis for any individual student to view the breakdown of their mastery, performance and progress.

5. Engagement Report (Admins)

Available for Admins Only.  See usage data for active schools, teachers and assignments.

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