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How To Archive A Class In Edulastic





Teachers have the ability to manually archive classes themselves. The only exception is those districts where the class enrollment is managed through the Student Information System (SIS) via an application called Clever.

Archiving is especially useful when you don't want classes from a previous term to interfere with your current lineup of classes. This will move those classes into a separate Archived list as shown in the below example: 


Please follow these steps to archive a class:

1. Go to the Manage Class tab available under the left toolbar.

2. Find the class that you want to archive and click into it.

3. Click on the Archive icon to the left of the class code (a folder icon)


4. Once you click on that icon, a pop-up box will appear asking you to confirm the action. Please type "ARCHIVE" in the box and then click on "Yes, Archive". (Refer to screenshot below)

5. You have successfully archived your class and it can now be found under the Archived classes drop down list.

******An accidentally archived class can be reinstated by emailing with the class code.

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    Megan Weiss

    It doesn't work with the new interface. I can't figure out how to archive classes

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    Kimberly Mancuso

    can this be reversed?

  • Avatar
    John Chen

    An accidentally archived class can be reinstated by emailing with the class code

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