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I have new students in my class. How do I add them to an existing assignment?


Once a new student is added to a class in which an assessment is already assigned (i.e. in "Not open" or "In progress" status), then he/she is automatically added to the assignment and teachers can also observe the increase in the count of assigned students. To make it easier, please follow the steps below.



Once we assign an assessment to this class, the assignment screen of the teacher appears as shown below:


Next, a new student is added when there is already an assessment assigned in the same class.


Once you have added the new student Jonathan, he will be automatically added to existing assignments which are still open for submission. Also, the assignment screen will now show the updated count.


Note: While adding a new student to a class, if the assignment is in "Done" status then the student is not added. They only become a part of the class.

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