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Managing Students on Assessments: Add Student(s) to existing assessments.


Adding new students to existing assessments can be done using our Live Class Board.

Keep in mind, when new students are added to a class that already has assessments in active state (i.e. in "Not open" or "In progress" status), then the students are automatically added to the assessment. 

This process can be used for the following situations:

  • New student enters class after an assessment has been assigned.

The following conditions must be true:

  • Assessments should be assigned to the entire class
  • The assessment(s) assigned to the class must be in "Not open" or "In progress" status. Students are not automatically added for assessments in "In-Grading" or "Done" status. They only become a part of the class.

To add a new student to an existing assessment using the Live Class Board, follow the steps below. 


Step 1: Go to the Assignments tab add1.png and choose the assessment you want to add students to. Now click the Live Class Board option which is the green monitor icon just below the actions button add3.png



Then, choose the More button add5.png and then select the "+ Add Students" option from the drop down menu.



From here, you'll be given two options. 



The first option is to select the students you wish to add. To do this, click on the box that says "Select the students" . The students who are grayed out are already included in the assessment.



Once you have selected the student(s) that you to add to the assessment you can select a close date and time. 


Now you're ready to click the green add button add10.png to add the student(s) to the assessment. 

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