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How do I set up Kiosk Mode on Chromebook?




In order to ensure browser "lockdown" as a way to add security to a testing environment, Edulastic Kiosk Mode App for chrome devices has been released.

Edulastic Kiosk App is a Chrome App and is designed to run in full screen on Chrome OS where the student is not allowed to exit full screen mode. The current version of Edulastic Kiosk App can also be used on windows from a Chrome browser with limited functionality, for which the full screen mode will be presented on launching the App and user cannot use ESC key to exit the full screen mode.

Edulastic Kiosk mode App when launched looks different from a regular Chrome browser, as the display will not have a window frame, address bar or any other elements of the browser interface. Any student on Edulastic Kiosk mode will not be able to exit app or switch to another task. 

Edulastic Kiosk App is essentially useful with a Chrome device where this can be manually launched or can be set to launch automatically at device boot up.


On a chrome device, Edulastic kiosk App can be used by:

- either turning on Single Kiosk Mode Manually for each Device (


- across multiple devices using the chrome management console (

If you are setting up a testing environment where multiple users will be sharing public devices, refer to these set up instructions (


Installing Edulastic Kiosk App

  1. Search for ‘Edulastic Kiosk App’ in Chrome Store, or use link -
  2. Click on ‘Add to Chrome’
  3. A confirmation box will appear, click on ‘Add app’
  4. Edulastic Kiosk App is now added to chrome



To use Edulastic Kiosk App on chrome devices that are managed by the school/district follow these steps:

  1. Enroll Device as Kiosk App, here if your device is already enrolled and kiosk is not enabled for the device then the device will need to be wiped clean and then enroll as kiosk. (
  2. Once it's enrolled, you can find the device in your Admin console by clicking Device management > Chrome devices.
  3. Change the kiosk setting of enabling Public session, Auto Launch, screen rotation as per requirement (
  4. From ‘Manage Kiosk Application” in Kiosk App section (for Managed devices) - Add Edulastic Kiosk App Id - mmmfookngjpgdahmnbbamplmbhleljio
  5. Turn on the Kiosk Mode



Installing on an Unmanaged Chromebook

First, Wipe the Chrome Device

To start the process, it is highly recommended that your chrome device is wiped clean prior to installing the Edulastic Kiosk App

Note: Wiping the device will delete any data stored on it that has not been synced with Google Chrome Sync. Device-specific instructions on how to do this can be found at ( If you are using a brand new, unused Chromebox/Chromebook you can skip this step.


Configure Device

Since the chrome device has now been wiped, fresh device installation is required, below is the flow of the process.

  • Now the chrome device runs through the installation, first the welcome screen appears where you will be required to set up the language, keyboard and network setting
  • Enter choices as per requirement
  • Click Continue


  • Now you will be presented with the Google Chrome OS Terms, once agreed with terms click on Accept and Continue button.


  • At this point you will be prompted to login to your google account, Do NOT SignIn at this time. You first need to enable the Kiosk Mode for the chrome device.


  • On the sign in screen, press Ctrl+Alt+K


  • Kiosk Applications mode will now confirm it has been enabled and you will be taken to the original SignIn Screen.
  • Login to your account as required to gain access to the chrome device.

Setup of Edulastic for Auto Start in Kiosk Mode

Now as you are logged in to your chrome device and have already enabled the kiosk applications mode on the device, so you will need to configure Edulastic to auto launch in kiosk mode whenever your chrome device powers on.

  • Open a new tab in chrome browser and type chrome://extensions in the address bar to bring up the extensions page. Press Enter to load the settings for extensions.
  • After loading the extensions page you will require to tick the Developer Mode option


  • You will now be presented with a Manage Kiosk Applications  button, click this button


  • Manage Kiosk Applications window will now appear and you will be required to enter the application ID in the Add Kiosk Application area: mmmfookngjpgdahmnbbamplmbhleljio


  • Click add, and now the Edulastic app will be shown on the list in Manage kiosk Applications.
  • Click Done.
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