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How to use the Co-Author Feature



Co-authoring is a PREMIUM collaboration feature available on Edulastic where teachers or admins can share an assessment with others in their district for joint editing purposes. This allows teachers to collaborate on a shared assessment by adding, removing and re-sequencing questions. Here are the steps detailing how the co-author feature works:

1. Create an assessment which you want to share with other teachers, district admins or school admins in your district for collaboration. Next, go to the Library in the gray navigation bar.   Co-authoring is only available when the assessment is in draft status. (Please do not publish or assign it)


2. Once you have saved it as a draft, you can find the assessment in the Assessment Library under "Authored by me". Make sure that the filters are set accordingly with the status set to Draft.


3. Clicking on the assessment will take you to the assessment details page where you will get an option to "Add a Co-Author". Please click on it.


4. Clicking on Add a Co-Author will give you a pop-up screen as shown below where you can enter the name or email id of the users (teacher/SA/DA) to share the assessment with. Please type in the name or email id of any user (teacher/SA/DA) within your district and select them from the drop-down list. Then click on "Save and invite" to send the collaboration request. You can also select "Send email notification" and add a message to it. This will send an email notification to the teachers with your message as well as the link to the assessment to collaborate.


5. Your assessment is open for collaboration now. You can see the name of any co-authors as shown in the screenshot below:


Once the assessment is sent for collaboration, the users (teacher/SA/DA) added as collaborators can find it in the Assessment Library under the " I am a Co-Author" button. They can click on the assessment and add, remove or reorder questions as they wish using the Edit button.



 **Users (teacher/SA/DA) are only allowed to collaborate or edit an assessment up until the author publishes or assigns it. Only the owner of the assessment can assign/publish the assessment.

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    Andrea Gilbert

    I have followed all the steps and still do not see the collaborate option. I only see Edit, Print, Delete. 

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