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💲 Creating and Using Existing Rubrics


A rubric is a scoring tool that explicitly represents the performance expectations for an assignment or piece of work. This defines a rule using which we can evaluate different skills of a student and easily grade the assignment.

Creating Rubric

To create a rubric using Edulastic, you will have to author a new "Essay type" question. Please find the steps as below:

1. Go to "My assessments" and create a new assessment. (refer here)

2. Choose "Author New Question".

3. Select the question type as “Essay Type” under Classic Question Types.

4. Please enter the question and then select the checkbox for "Grading Rubric". The screen will now look as below:

5. Selecting Grading Rubric will give two options:
              - Create New Rubric
              - Use Existing Rubric

Make sure that you are on "Create New Rubric" tab. Now, please enter the rubric name and description and click on “Save and Continue” as shown below.  Please be careful while naming the rubric as existing rubrics can only be searched by name.


5. Once you have saved it, you will need to enter the criteria name and the rating details. There can be multiple criteria or ratings which can be added to a single rubric(using Add criteria and Add rating option). Enter the criteria name and the rating details based on your requirements and then click on save (refer below). You can also change the points for each rating. Total marks for a question will be the summation of the maximum points for each criterion.

6. Your rubric is created now. You can associate standards (mandatory), DOK and difficulty level and click on “Save” to store the question with the grading rubric.

 Use Existing Rubric

A rubric which was created earlier remains stored to be used later by the teacher. You just need to create an essay question type then select the checkbox for "Grading Rubric" (Please refer the steps above from 1 to 4).

1. Please select “Use Existing Rubric” tab. Clicking on this will provide an option to search rubrics by name. Enter the rubric name (even a single character is enough) to search and click on "search" option. You will find a few rubrics displayed which matches your search query.(refer below)

 2. Please click on the preview icon available on the rubric required by you for the question you are creating.

3. You can find the details of the rubric selected. Click on “Use Rubric” to use it in your question and click on “Save” from to save it.

Sharing the Rubrics

If you want to share the rubric with teachers from your district, then:

  1. While authoring an essay type question, click on “Use Existing Rubric”
  2. Search for your rubric with the rubric name.
  3. In result for your search now you will see a Share Icon 
  4. Click on share and confirm “Yes” to share the rubric with your district.
  5. To unshare a rubric, you can follow the above steps and click on the unshare icon 

Important points to remember when creating a rubric

  1. Your rubric needs to have at least one criteria
  2. Each Criteria must contain at least two Ratings
  3. Total points for the question in which you are using a rubric is the summation of the maximum points for each criterion. Example:Your rubric contain two criteria “Grammar” and “Subject Knowledge”In grammar you have two rating “Satisfactory” (point 1) and “Unsatisfactory” (point 0) and In Subject Knowledge you have three rating Good (point 2), Basic (point 1) and Poor (Point 0), Then total points for the question will be 1(for Grammar)+2(For Subject knowledge) = 3 points
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