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Admin: Add, Modify or Deactivate User Accounts


The Users tab shows all the individuals who have accounts in the district. The roles are Student, Teacher, District Admin or School Admin. Admins can use the Refine Results button at the top to filter for any parameter as shown in the column headings.


Under the "Actions" drop down menu in the upper right, admins can add, modify, or delete individual user accounts.  In the middle of the screen, the Add Multiple Users button allows bulk adding of students or teachers.

In Manage School or Manage District tabs, select Users then go to the Teachers or Students section.


(1) Invite Multiple Teachers- Admins can bulk add a group of teachers by using the Invite Multiple Teacher Button located on top left of the User tab.  To add multiple teachers, type or paste teacher emails in the pop up box. Teachers will receive an email inviting them to select a school and create a password.

(2) Add Individual Teacher - Admins can add new teachers that come into the district individually using the Actions drop down box on the right side of the screen. Admin will be asked to provide the teacher's name, username, password and select the school where he/she teaches at.

(2) Add Students - Admins can add multiple Students using the same process as adding teachers above.  To add in bulk, admin types or pastes one or more student(s) names in the pop up box.   Use the Actions drop down to add an individual student.

(3) Update Selected User- Admins can edit the name, email or password for any users (Teachers or Students) using the Actions drop down box. District admin can also update school admin.

(4) Deactivate Selected User(s)- Admins can deactivate a selected account. This can be for individuals who have moved out of the district.  Deactivate is also used when a student has signed up as a teacher, or a teacher has changed roles from Teacher to Admin.  In this case, in order to change roles the user needs to have the first account deactivated, then the Admin can select Add to create the correct role.

(5) Enable/Disable Power Tools - Admins can give extra options within each item type to allow for more customization of a particular item. This should only be used by experienced Edulastic users as it has many extra options that are unique to each individual item type.


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