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District Admin: Classes and Courses


The Classes and Courses tabs show all the class and course sections that have been created by teachers in the district. Admins can add a new classes and courses, edit or archive them.  This is done through the Manage District tab.


To Add/Modify/Archive a Class


Admins can add a new class by selecting Create Class and filling out the below form:


To Add/Modify/Archive a Course

To create new courses, admins select Create Course and fill out the form.  Or, to modify, merge, or archive a course place a check mark next to one or more courses and use the Actions drop down box.  



Please Note:

(1) Admins can make bulk edits to classes and courses, merging several into one. This is useful when multiple versions of the same class or course have been created by others in the district.

(2) Admins can also archive classes for the teachers. Archiving a class is useful when you don't want classes from a previous term to interfere with your current lineup of classes.

(3) Admins can make edits to a course if necessary to help with filters or closing dates of the class.

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