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Creating and Assigning a Common Assessment



Admins can create a common assessment from the district admin account and assign it directly to classes.

Once you are logged into your admin account:

1. Click on Create Assessment and then enter a name for your common assessment under the Create from Scratch heading.




2. Start adding questions from Edulastic's Item Bank. Search for questions by using the filters on the left side. Then select questions by clicking on the box to the left of the question. 


3. You may also add questions you create yourself by clicking on the "Author New Question" button on top. Click on the Review  button when you are done.


4. You can now resequence or delete questions from this page. To move questions to a new position, click on the vertical row of dots and drag it to your new desired position. You can also select the checkbox of the question you want to move and click Reorder selected. To delete a question, click on the checkbox next to the question you want and choose Remove selected. Finally, click the publish button at the top right.


5. Now, assign the Common Assessment Directly to Classes. From the drop down menus, specify the class selection filters you would like to assign the common assessment to. Then pick the classes you would like to assign to. You may either select all classes in the school or pick and choose individual ones.




6. Once you click Assign, the next screen will confirm the class(es) to which you have assigned the common assessment. Students will now be able to start working on the assessment either immediately or when their teacher opens the assessment for them to start taking. 



7. Common Assessments can be monitored by the district admin once assigned to classes and upon completion of assessments, you, as the district admin, can mark them as done.


8. The next step in the process is where the teachers will open and administer the Common Assessment.   Get more details on the Teacher's Role in Common Assessments.


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