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The Settings tab under Manage District allows admins to do two main tasks. In Assignment Settings, they can (a) Allow for Partial Scoring or (b) Turn the assessment timer on or off. In Performance Bands, they can set the bands for common assessments that are created.

Allow Partial Scoring

If option is set to No for “Allow Partial Score”,  questions receive a score of zero even if it is partially correct, as in the case of multiple selection type questions.

This is most applicable for the Multiple Selection question type. Let's say the question asks students to select all correct answers and there are 3 correct ones out of 4. If Allow Partial Score is turned to "Off" and students only pick 1 of the correct answers, they will receive a zero for that question, even though they had selected one of the right answers.



Show Timer

If Show Timer is set to no, the timer is NOT visible to students for that district in the student attempt view. However, the time spent on each question is still being recorded by our system and teachers will be able to see how long it took for students to answer each question.

**Please note that these options does not apply retroactively to assessments that have already been assigned. They can only be set moving forward.


Performance Bands

Performance bands allow you to set proficiency bands for common assessments. Bands can be added and percentages edited based on your preferences. This data will then feed into the admin reports.



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