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How to Reopen an Assignment After the Due Date


Question:  If I put a due date on an assignment, but then want to reopen it for absent students/students that didn't finish yet; can I do that?

Answer:  A teacher can do that for a class assignment.  Here is how:


The teacher who wants to reassign or reopen an assessment for students after the due date will use the Redirect Feature. 

Redirect allows students to take an assessment if the student was absent, it also allows students to retake an assessment if needed.

The Redirect Feature is located on the Live Class Board for that assignment (go to Assignment, select Responses).  Teacher selects students, clicks Redirect and then follows the prompts. 

Complete instructions for redirecting assignments are located in the Redirect Feature article.



Note:  This will only work for Class Assessments (created by the teacher).  For Common Assessments (administered by School or District Admins to one or more classes) the assessment must be taken before the due date.  Therefore, if it appears there will be many absences, the admin can extend the testing window before it closes.   

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