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What's New in Edulastic- 26.2 (E26.2) Release



1. More controls at the admin level (Premium Feature)

We have added new features when admins push out common assessments to mirror the experience that teachers currently have.

Both district and school admins can now navigate to a particular common assessment and access the following features:


  • Open, pause, close and present mode found at the top of the page
  • Mark as Submitted, Mark as Absent, Remove students, Download Response found under the More button


In the  “Standards View” they now have Print and Download options:




2. Cross-out answer tool (Premium Feature)

Students now have an option to cross out incorrect answers on either a multiple choice or multiple selection question. This will help them visually track which answers they feel is incorrect as they go through a process of elimination. Here's how it works:

  • While attempting a multiple choice/selection question type, an “answer eliminator” icon will be displayed in the toolbar. 


  • Clicking this icon will allow the student to strike out a answer choice. Hover and then click on an answer choice will cross out the choice. Repeat this action if desired for other answers.
  • Student can reverse the action and remove a strike out by clicking on it. This will clear it out.
  • Student will not be allowed to select a striked out choice as their answer. They will need to deselect it first if they change their mind.



3. Add Student control as district admin policy

A district admin can now restrict teachers from adding students using one of the current options under “Add multiple students”.

Normally, teachers can add multiple students via their google username, office 365 username and/or first name, last name.

If district admins remove any of these options from the District policies page, the deselected feature will be not shown for the teacher under “Add multiple students” in their Manage Class area.

For example, if you remove the Google Username option under your district admin account:


The “Google username” option will not be shown for teachers who are part of this district under the “Add multiple students” block:




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