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What's New in Edulastic- 26.3 (E26.3) Release


1. Even More controls at the admin level (Premium Feature)

Both district and school admins can now navigate to a particular common assessment and access the following features:

  • Redirect an assessment directly to student(s)
  • Add student(s)



  • When navigating to the student response page, you can now edit scores and leave feedback both at an overall assessment and specific question level


 2. Ability to 'Create a New Version' for doc based assessments created via SnapQuiz


  • You can now duplicate any published/assigned assessments that was created using the SnapQuiz tool


3. Add passage numbers on passages

  • While creating a passage, an icon marked “pn” will be presented on the Text Editor toolbar. Once this is clicked, the passage number will be added in a green oblong as depicted below.


Note: This icon will not show up for Instructions and passage title, only in the main body of the passage window


  • In the student flow, the passage number will be shown as below


4. All question types supported in SnapScore (Premium Feature)


  • Previously, bubble sheets could only be generated on assessments with multiple choice and/or multiple selection questions. In this release we are providing an option to generate bubble sheets irrespective of the question type.
  • A bubble option will be shown for True/False questions
  • For all other question types, a blank space will be shown in place of that question #.
  • Teacher will scan the sheet using the SnapScore app as they normally would. Our system will consider those questions as skipped and teachers will need to provide marks manually within Edulastic.



  1. Active only flag
  • By default only active students will be shown when teachers navigate to the class details page
  • If they uncheck “Hide not enrolled students”, the full list of all previously not enrolled or deactivated students, along with the current active students, will be displayed.



  • For District and School Admin accounts, we have provided an option to “Hide Inactive students” from appearing under the Users tab



  • For District and School Admin accounts, we have provided an option to “Hide archived class” from appearing under the Classes tab.





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