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Does Edulastic recommend any specific hardware or devices?



Edulastic app is browser based and designed to be compatible with the 2 most recent versions of the following browsers:

-Chrome (recommended)

Edulastic requires cookies and JavaScript to be turned on for the browser to work properly.


Hardware/Network Requirements

Edulastic requires devices to be connected to the internet and recommends the following minimum hardware and network requirements:

-Hardware: PC, Mac, Chromebook or Tablets with 1024 px width

-Computer Speed and Processor 
           1 GB RAM
           2 Ghz Processor

-Not older than 5 years (recommended)

-Bandwidth: Internet connection with minimum 256 kbps

-Network/Firewall: District IT to add Edulastic and related URLs to the safe list


Hardware Constraints

In addition, some Edulastic features have special hardware constraints:

Safe Exam Browser (Lockdown Browser) requires Mac, Windows or iPad.
   Safe Exam Browser is not compatible with Chromebooks. 

- Edulastic Kiosk app is designed to work on Chromebook only.


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