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How do I assign an assessment from the assessment library?


Edulastic assessment library contains all the pre-built assessments that are created by you or shared with you by your colleagues. To use these assessments, you need to first Search for assessments using the assessment name, author name or any other keyword. 

You can use filters to further refine your results. 

All applicable assessments that meet the requirements that you’ve set in the filters on the left will then populate on the right hand side.

Hovering over the card will allow you to either Preview the questions that are contained in the assessment or Assign the assessment to your students.


Click on the "Assign Button" to assign the assessment. 

Next you will be prompted to select the class. You can use Grade, Subject, Course information to select the class. If you are on a Teacher Premium or Enterprise Plan, you can also select SUPER POWERS such as shuffle questions, choice of calculator, etc. for your assignment.



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