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How do I upload and embed sound in Edulastic



As you maybe aware, Edulastic currently does not have a way to Embed sound files. Some users have come up with creative ways to embed multimedia in Edulastic. The solution involves upload of files to SoundCloud. SoundCloud is a YouTube like service that allows any user to upload sound files and creates an embed code just like YouTube videos. 

The following steps outline another simpler way to embed sound files:

Step 1: Upload files to Edulastic

Create or download the sound file that you wish to use in Edulastic. We recommend .mp3 format but .wav files will also work. Rename your sound files and change the file extension to .JPG. Do not worry, the sound files will still work correctly. 

Use the "Insert Image"  tool to upload your sound file to Edulastic. 


Step 2: Copy image address

The file you uploaded is not really an image and hence it will simply appear as a broken image icon - something like this . Our goal is to find the address (the location where the sound file can be found). To find the address, simply right click on the browser and select "Copy Image Address".

The file address will probably look something like this. 



Step 3: Embed sound in Edulastic 

Use the "Insert Multimedia" tool and paste the following code. Make sure to use the EXACT file address from Step 2 as shown below

<audio controls="">
<source src="PASTE THE FILE ADDRESS FROM STEP 4" type="audio/mpeg">
<span class="noprint">Your browser does not support the audio tag.</span>

Thats it, your sound file is now embedded with its own convenient player control. You can delete the image icon as it is no longer needed  


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